Who We Are

Breath of Life Christian Center is a premier international teaching ministry that possesses and teaches a higher order of calling to the Lord. Its higher order and core values create an environment that enables all who embrace BOLCC, regardless of race, creed, color of skin or nationality, to go forth in the world living a life of holiness and enjoying abundant life through obedience unto the Lord.  We work with other churches and ministries to fulfill this goal and The Great Commission that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has given through the Body of Christ.

We are located on 25 lovely and God-given acres at 3795 Frayser-Raleigh Road in Memphis, Tennessee. Our center includes an International Ministry Center and Breath of Life Preparatory Preschool, servicing children 1 through 5 years of age. On January 26, 1981, God said to Dr. Holloway, "I want you to bring back the Bell." In studying this in the Scriptures, our Pastor came to know that God wanted him and his ministry to teach true Bible Holiness by precept and example. In the New Testament, we are told that Holiness means "conduct befitting those who are separated to God." From humble beginnings in 1982, God has seen fit for us to become one of the fastest growing churches in America. We currently have more than 1500 members and are most eager to welcome you and your family into our fellowship.

Breath of Life Christian Center | 3795 Frayser-Raleigh Rd. | Memphis TN 38128 | (800) 459-7691

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