The Royal Priesthood Middle School Ministry provides a comfortable, fun environment for young people during services to discuss issues and biblical solutions on their level.

H.O.O.D: Holy Offspring Ordained by Destination

Middle School Ministry (Grades 6-8)

The word HOOD has many negative connotations; ghetto and hoodlum are a couple. However, Minister Brian & Mrs. Tracy Hall will turn what the devil meant for evil to good. “Everyone actually experiences different ‘hoods’ in life– childhood, adulthood, sisterhood, etc.,” explains Minister Hall, “but today’s youth need to know that God has something better for them. This generation will help turn the hearts and minds of the nations back to God…”

Through this new ministry, youth in grades 6-8 will understand that they are:
     Holy- worthy and complete devotion and trust to serve God
     Offspring- children or descendants
     Ordained- appointed to a specific duty set apart by God- BY
     Destination– a place set aside for a purpose

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