Pastors' Wives

The Pastors’ Wives Prayer Fellowship (PWPF) is a fellowship of first ladies, that come together monthly for an hour of prayer at member churches and once quarterly for fellowship at a fine restaurant or a member’s home. In coming together in prayer and fellowship, we become stronger women in the Lord, greater blessings to our spouses, families, and the precious saints of God, and anointed channels to carry the message of reconciliation and redemption to a dying and hopeless world.

During the first Word of God Crusade in 1989, First Lady Addie Holloway, felt the unction to ask attending pastor’s wives to come together in prayer for the crusade. As a result of these prayer meetings they were greatly strengthened and realized a closeness and love toward the sisters that was never experienced before.

As time went on she was impressed of the Lord to continue the prayer fellowships.  After talking it over with several of the wives they were elated to be part of a prayer group and so began the Pastor’s Wives Prayer Fellowship.

  • To band together as pastor’s and minister’s wives in unity to be God’s vessels of prayer.
  • To become true sisters and friends through regular interactions, fellowship and prayer.
  • To edify and strengthen one another by sharing truth and information that will assist us in the unique challenges and situations we encounter.
  • To abound more in love toward one another as we interrelate and pray for each other.

For information on monthly meetings or to obtain an application call 901-373-7219 ext. 5502.

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