Members can receive free spiritual counseling on various areas such as: Marriage, Financial, Premarital, Family Relationships, Parenting, Grief, etc. Counseling services are provided by the pastoral staff Monday through Friday by appointment.


Members who have needs that are not routinely serviced by the Member Services department may be referred to a local agency or business who can provide help and/or assistance regarding the situation. Examples of referrals include: Substance abuse issues, Mental health issues, Medical attention, Chronic Weight Loss/Gain, Home-less, etc.


Members who are at home ill or may be in the hospital can request a personal visit for prayer and/or communion. The Member Services department coordinates periodic visitations to members who cannot physically attend a service.


Members who experience a personal or family emergency or crisis situation are urged to contact Member Services to inform us of the situation. Our team of intercessors will offer prayer on your behalf and whenever possible, appropriate assistance and/or referral will be provided.


When members experience loss of a loved one, the Member Services team is here to offer comfort, prayer and personal attention to the family during their time of loss.


We want to share in the joy when members experience a special occasion. If you have a new birth in the family, wedding announcement, college graduation announcement, etc. contact the Member Services department and let us know so we can share your special occasion with you.


Although some of our members may be away at college, in the military , incarcerated or working away from home, they are not forgotten. Regular contact is maintained with these members to make sure they remain connected as a part of the church family.


Members who have completed premarital counseling by one of the pastoral staff ministers may meet with our staff wedding coordinator to discuss costs and other options for using church facilities to hold the wedding ceremony.


Unfortunately, there are times when members may lose or misplace personal items while attending services or events. Member are asked to leave an identifiable marking on items that can commonly be misplaced or lost such as Bibles, Keys, Notebooks, Umbrellas, etc. Items that are turned in to Lost & Found are log and held for 30 days.

For Member Care Services Contact:
Anna Lacey 901.383.5538
If no answer, please leave a message for automatic page

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